PunkRax - Who We Are

 Designers & Engineers with 1 goal - Maximizing time on your bike.

Who is PunkRax? 

For starters, we're a crew of bikers who thought that it would be funny if we made a brand that sounded like Punk Rock. Oh well, at least we think we're funny.

Well we try to ride bikes every day. And we off-road to get to those trails almost every day too.

And we all have one thing in common; we all don't really like any bike rack option that's out there. It seems like we're either sacrificing our top tube on our bike or our truck every time we take our bikes out. And we're tired of it. 

That's us - A team of die-hards who want to make it easier/quicker/funner to get from our house to the trail. Because biking time is sacred time.