Assembly Guide

Checklist of all parts:

Rack support assembly:

  1. Assembled Wheel Cages
  2. 2 - Square Tubing (64” for S/M, 74” for L/XL)
  3. 2 - End Brackets (Two 1” Square Holes attached by brace)
  4. 4 - Nuts
  5. 4 - Washers
  6. 4 - Carriage Bolts
  7. 4 - Bed Lock J-Brackets (Direct Mount Kit Only)
  8. 4 - Truck Bed Clamps (Riser Kit Only)
  9. 2 - Risers (Riser Kit Only)


Step 1: Review parts list. (Image 1)


Step 2: Assemble Wheel Trays. 

  • Slide (a) onto both (b) bars. Alternate orientation of (a) 180 degrees to eliminate handlebar interference when rack is in use. 


Step 3: Assemble Rack

  • Once all cages are in place, slide 1 (c) onto each end of rack assembly
  • Direct Mount Kit Install: Drop (f) into (c). Put (g) on bottom of (f), followed by 1 (e) and 1 (d). Leave loose until installation is finished. 
  • Optional Riser Install: Set the rack on (i) & attach using (f) followed by 1 (e) and 1 (d). Using a ½” wrench, tighten these bolts. 


Step 4: Mount to Truck. 

  • Preferably using 2 people, bring the assembled rack to your truck. Place it near the rear window. Be sure to leave 2-3 inches between the window and any part of the rack. 
  • Direct Mount Kit Install: Slide (c) until (g) can clamp under the edge of the truck bed. Tighten (f) until snug. Repeat for all 4 (g) clamps.
  • Optional Riser Install: Align so the holes in (i) allow for the (f) bolt to drop just inside the bed rail of the truck. Drop the bolts in (h) into 2 of the holes in each (i) (3 holes available; choose 2 that maximize clamping onto a smooth surface under the lip of the truck). On the bottom of the bolt, put the clamp first followed by the washer & nut included in the bag. Using two ½” wrenches, tighten the (h) clamp onto the bed rail of the truck until secure. Repeat with all 4 (h) clamps.


Step 5: Secure the Assembly. 

  • Start by loosening all 12 pre-installed bolts to allow you to adjust the cross member assembly. 
  • Slide cross members until only 1-2” protrudes from the outside of (c)
  • Once in place, tighten all 12 bolts to secure cross member assembly.


Using the Rack


Once the rack is installed, getting the bike in the tray is simple! 

  1. Set the front wheel in the cage
  2. Reach under the lip of the cage and rotate the wheel toward the side that has the spring assembly
  3. Ensure the tire is fully touching the bottom of the cage.
  4. For Offroad Use, we recommend:
    1. Using the Velcro Strap (sold separately) to secure the front wheel to the cage
    2. For Extreme Offroad: Using a Tie Down (sold separately) to secure the rear wheels into place will help significantly with side to side movement. Failure to use a tie down may result in the rear wheels bouncing causing damage to the bike.



  • Failure to follow instructions could result in the rack or bikes coming loose. 
  • PunkRax LLC is not responsible for damage to the vehicle or the bicycle. 
  • Do not use the Wolf Rack with Motorcycles (eBikes are appropriate!)

For additional assembly help, please review the assembly instruction on


For support, don’t hesitate to reach out! We want you to like the rack as much as we do.


PunkRax Customer Support